What is the first step to finding identity? Well, that would be to first find out what identity is not. Have you ever heard someone say, “His/her identity is all tied up in his/her stuff”? This is a good expression to ponder on when working to find your identity. Your […]

What Identity Isn’t

Over-analyzing can be a vicious trap, but it can also become tremendously helpful towards learning new things. Learning to over-analyze in a non-obsessive way can become both a good mental and emotional skill.   Recycle your thoughts Healthily recycle your thoughts. Do not take a thought for what it is. […]

How to (Healthily) Over-Analyze

The way you speak to yourself is very important. Thoughts influence action. Learn and practice manifesting positive self-talk. Talk to yourself positively. Foster good thoughts. Good thoughts foster good actions, and the opposite is also true.   Respect yourself Realize your worth. Do not compare yourself to others because this […]

Manifest Positive Self-Talk

Change is omnipresent. Change is what prevents the world from becoming dormant and stagnant. It is one of the major influencers behind growth. Not everything is, or will become, controlled by you. Many things will not have the potential to be controlled by you simply because you are you; and […]

Dealing with Change

Most societies teach us that people who are busy, planned-out, and goal-driven, are sure of themselves and must know what they want in life. This is seen through the assumption that they know themselves well because their days are constantly filled with plans. We are taught that the main path […]

Stop the Glorification of Busy

Your perceptions on things help you determine your choices in life, and how you to react to situations. Healthy perception is obviously very important; however, it can be clouded by thought errors—misguided styles of thinking. The first step in avoiding misguided styles of thinking, or to overcome them, is to […]

3 Common Styles of Flawed Thinking

Most people spend a lot of their lives at work. This is a fact. So, how can one integrate the spiritual and the professional? The professional seems to automatically wander far away from the spiritual—fostering fake smiles and political politeness over purity and genuineness—but are the two doomed to forever […]

The Spiritual and the Professional

I’ve noticed that not many people address the problem of fearing meditation because this is still a relatively unexplored subject. Many tend to focus on the popular issue of, “I can’t sit still while meditating. What are the alternatives to sitting?” However, what happens if you are too uncomfortable with […]

Overcoming the Fear of Meditation

There are many types of meditation, all of which have different goals, methods, and preparations. In this article, I will present to you two types of meditations: active meditation and passive meditation. It is important to stress that neither is seen as lesser or worse than the other. Choosing a […]

Active and Passive Meditation