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When you are totally aware of things around you, it is possible to get muddled up with them and perceive them as yourself. This is a hard thing to explain, but as spiritual consciousness grows, it is possible to begin losing your sense of self. Your point of view may become altered because you are never looking out through your own eyes—your perspective may become lost or misplaced as an outcome. It is very possible to lose sight of your own point of view when you are this accepting of the unity between you and everything around you. This is not always a good thing. You should be one and accepting of the connection between everything, but you mustn’t forget yourself.

Many spiritually enlightened people claim that forgetting yourself entirely and merging with the universe is the goal to all things. Sure, in a sense—but everything must have balance. You are, in your own sense, a single person—an individual. You mustn’t forget this. You are your own being with balanced goals and permissions. You are able to do many things, and must learn equally important lessons. Releasing yourself completely from your own attention is abandoning the self. Again, in many spiritual texts, this is the goal. In many ways, it can be. Spiritual freedom is, in many ways, releasing the self from attention. But in others ways, it isn’t quite.

Things like this cannot be pinned to a description. You cannot “merge with the universe,” or so to speak, unless you have found yourself in it.

About Grace Sara

Author of the “Awakening in the 21st Century” series, Grace Sara is currently a 20 year-old author, poet, and teacher that writes on spiritual, psychic, and self-help topics. Having published the first book of this series at 17 years of age, and later on another book at 18 years of age, she still continues to pursue writing in hopes of inspiring others to find happiness through acceptance and freedom from fear.

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2 thoughts on “Misplacing your own Perspective

  • Jenna

    How can I see past my own perspective and find truth? I often find it is hard to tell what is real and what is fake! I think that with the more information I focus on the less I actually know. It seems to be very difficult to let go but not to let go completely.

  • Helen Smith

    Misplacing perspectives stand out as one of the major problems many face. I was once a victim but realized and redirected my ways. Thanks for sharing this piece and I hope other readers see the need to see things through their perspectives to avoid misplacing their perspectives and getting things wrong.