How to Cope When Your Loved Ones Aren’t into Spirituality

You’re spiritual—and the people you love aren’t. This can be hard; especially when spirituality is a dear part of your life. Your friends, family, or significant other may be uncomfortable with, or may not even know anything about, spirituality; but this doesn’t mean that you have to stop what you’re doing.

For many, it is important that they share their spiritual experience with their loved ones. Deciding to share your beliefs and lifestyle is your decision, for many will not relate to the world in the same way you do. It may break your relationships, but then again, it may also improve them.

Before deciding if you should identity your beliefs to everyone around you, decide if you’re more comfortable with your spirituality being extroverted or introverted.


Extrovert-styled Spirituality

An extroverted-style of spirituality represents those who treat spirituality as more of a lifestyle, and “wear” their spirituality on their sleeves. They may change the way they dress, the way they speak, certain daytime and night-time habits, and etc. Their belief system is often hard to miss because it is important for them to physically portray it on their exterior. This can be done through speech, action, or clothing. If this is important for you, and this is how you’re able to live comfortably, then it may be a good idea to tell your loved ones about your spirituality.

However, there will always be that one person who won’t agree with you no matter what and one must consider the meaning of even telling them at all. Telling them won’t change them, or even guarantee their understanding. It may just stress you both out unnecessarily. Sometimes beliefs can be absolute—including those your loved ones may have. You must be ready for this. When it comes down to it, one must make the decision to either share, or accept your loved one’s stance on the matter and move on.

Introvert-styled Spirituality

Those who have a more introverted style of spirituality may not physically do anything different from anyone else. They usually keep their spirituality to themselves and do not always need to share their thoughts with other people. It wouldn’t be easy to decipher if they are spiritual or not based on their actions. Many things are done in private or in the comfort of their own minds. In other words, they don’t wear their spirituality “on their sleeves.”

This style may help in keeping a relationship alive if you think that your loved one will be turned away by your announcement. Some things are meant to be shared with certain people, and other things aren’t. You may not get to share with the ones you want to share your spirituality with the most; and you will have to decide whether this is a deal-breaker for you. One of the most important parts of this is acceptance—from both sides.

Do not judge. Do not judge others for not understanding what they may not be able to ever agree with, and in turn, do not let yourself be negatively judged. Consider this: how important is spirituality in your life? Is it necessary that you wear your spirituality on your sleeve, or is it enough to share with only yourself? Weigh its importance.

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Author of the “Awakening in the 21st Century” series, Grace Sara is currently a 20 year-old author, poet, and teacher that writes on spiritual, psychic, and self-help topics. Having published the first book of this series at 17 years of age, and later on another book at 18 years of age, she still continues to pursue writing in hopes of inspiring others to find happiness through acceptance and freedom from fear.

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