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Surprisingly enough, the “death” in tarot cards means only change. This is a reoccurring theme in the majority of spirituality. Death rarely means actual fatality. Death is the symbol for renewal, birth, and change. Death is seen as self-healing and an essential process (but not always) to the shedding of old shackles. These shackles could be psychological pain, emotional stress, or physical harm … whatever the case, you are letting go of these things. You are starting fresh.

Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphic: the Ankh

In many subjects within spirituality, it is encouraged to believe that the concept of “death” does not happen once in a lifetime. Death happens many times throughout an entire lifetime. You are constantly dying and experiencing rebirth. This may sound morbid for some, but it isn’t meant to be a morbid statement. What this means is that you are an evolving and learning whole experiencing many positive, negative, and even neutral changes. Some of these changes you will keep, and others you will not.

Death is simply seen as being transformative. Spirituality views death as a spiritual process; and through this process, one will emerge changed—perhaps even improved. If I were to explain this in a metaphorical way, then it is like a caterpillar emerging from its cocoon after its growth period. It is no longer a caterpillar. It is now a butterfly. (One form not better than the other—just different.) The death that occurs here is when the caterpillar leaves behind its old body and emerges into a new life as a butterfly. In this new life, the caterpillar will greet new life dynamics and lessons. He will no longer crawl as he did before. He will have to fly. He will have different duties and may see and think of the world in a different way due to his changed self.

For human beings, this happens many times during a single lifetime. Opinions change or die—as do perspectives. Death, in fact, is life.

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Author of the “Awakening in the 21st Century” series, Grace Sara is currently a 20 year-old author, poet, and teacher that writes on spiritual, psychic, and self-help topics. Having published the first book of this series at 17 years of age, and later on another book at 18 years of age, she still continues to pursue writing in hopes of inspiring others to find happiness through acceptance and freedom from fear.

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One thought on “How Spirituality changed how we think about Death

  • Sandra

    I can decipher from this piece that the way people see and consider death is different from the spiritual perspective. However, I’d like to know if “dying several times” also entails the death of the human flesh or just a spiritual rebirth that occurs even when one lives physically.