Finding without Searching

Information often appears in the most unlikely of places. It seems that when we stop searching, the answer comes to us clearly. Why is this?

Information is everywhere and in everything. If you are able to keep yourself open—like a receiving tower—you will be able to pick up on sensitive information that you might not have seen otherwise.

Little messages of information, like answers to your inner questions, can come from many unlikely sources, such as through nature, billboard signs, newspaper articles, and etc. Information and help is held within many sources. You just have to not look for them.

It is very easy to find information when you are not looking for it. This is because once you begin to look for information, you mistakenly “lock onto” a specific want and unknowingly clear out the rest of what you’re receiving, which is basically everything else, in order to find what you’re looking for more easily. This is a common and expected action of the brain when it wants to focus. Take a broader perspective and this “selective attention” no longer makes any sense. The brain must learn to be able to process and pay attention to more than one thought at a time in order to become more efficient, because within this “everything else” that the brain is choosing to leave from its attention while it searches for something else, could be important information and potential lessons that could be learnt.

So, as I said above, information appears in the most unlikely of places; and it often seems that when we stop searching, the answer comes to us clearly.

So why is this? Well, this is because when you stop searching, you allow yourself to focus on everything and not just a single thing; and within everything there is always an answer to something. This is the moment where you finally give yourself the chance to unbiasedly find, and often sometimes receive more than what you were looking for originally.

About Grace Sara

Author of the “Awakening in the 21st Century” series, Grace Sara is currently a 20 year-old author, poet, and teacher that writes on spiritual, psychic, and self-help topics. Having published the first book of this series at 17 years of age, and later on another book at 18 years of age, she still continues to pursue writing in hopes of inspiring others to find happiness through acceptance and freedom from fear.

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