Are you Spiritually Awake or Simply Informed? 2

Understanding Superficial Understanding: Are you Awake or Simply Informed?


Being informed is not being spiritually “awake.”

A third party cannot feel or experience for you. As long as you shield yourself behind others, accepting their definitions, this will remain only a surface understanding of the meaning. Like a new speaker of a language, you will not be capable of naturally using the words in conversation because you will not know what the words mean; you have only been told what they mean. You are not yet comfortable to use them because you do not understand them.

Many confuse being awake with being informed. There is a distinction between “knowing of” and “hearing of” and truly knowing. This is why it is so important to remain wary of teachers that teach the fact that they themselves have spiritually awakened or become “enlightened.” Some of these people have built their stock of “awakening” upon others’ epiphanies and have never looked within themselves—as much as they believe they have. Many of their precognitions are not their own. They are not successful because they have not profoundly understood the teachings; they have but listened to and mimicked them.

They acquire psychic spiritual knowledge from someone else’s spiritual journey without ever embarking on the journey for themselves. This is what you call a superficial understanding of the truth. This makes reaching true understanding tougher for them, for they have not learned the lesson themselves and they have already clouded much of their mind with falseness.

Do not confuse hearing of someone else’s journey with your own growth. Someone else’s journey will not properly suit you. Another’s awakening will not properly match yours. You must tailor your own experiences to your self. You must learn from your own source rather than someone else’s. […]



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2 thoughts on “Are you Spiritually Awake or Simply Informed?

  • Marketta

    I love the distinction you make between being “awake” or just informed. I feel like a lot of people just believe what they’re told instead of looking inside themselves for answers and understanding.

  • James

    Hi, how can I tell the difference whether the person giving me spiritual advice has acquired the experience from their own journey or are telling me knowledge from someone else’s journey?