Many people have trouble “fitting” spirituality into their schedules. But this isn’t right. Spirituality doesn’t need to be “fit” into anything. You can experience spirituality in your everyday life without having to do anything. Spirituality isn’t always something that must be done. It is also something that can be thought […]

Are You Too Busy for Spirituality?

Media saturation, opinions from everywhere, different beliefs and avenues to explore … spirituality is simply overwhelming. Nowadays, everyone has an answer to everything, and everything is known by everyone. Nothing is claimed to be unanswerable. It would seem that there is always a so-called expert who knows the answer to […]

Spirituality: It’s Overwhelming

You’re spiritual—and the people you love aren’t. This can be hard; especially when spirituality is a dear part of your life. Your friends, family, or significant other may be uncomfortable with, or may not even know anything about, spirituality; but this doesn’t mean that you have to stop what you’re […]

How to Cope When Your Loved Ones Aren’t into Spirituality

Understanding Superficial Understanding: Are you Awake or Simply Informed?   Being informed is not being spiritually “awake.” A third party cannot feel or experience for you. As long as you shield yourself behind others, accepting their definitions, this will remain only a surface understanding of the meaning. Like a new […]

Are you Spiritually Awake or Simply Informed?

Some things are easy. Others aren’t. But is it like this way for everyone? No. People are diverse and different. They change with seasons, with emotions, with ideas. They are abstract and fluid. This is one of the reasons why you cannot always expect yourself in others. What this means […]

Do not Expect to see Yourself in Others

When you are totally aware of things around you, it is possible to get muddled up with them and perceive them as yourself. This is a hard thing to explain, but as spiritual consciousness grows, it is possible to begin losing your sense of self. Your point of view may […]

Misplacing your own Perspective

Information often appears in the most unlikely of places. It seems that when we stop searching, the answer comes to us clearly. Why is this? Information is everywhere and in everything. If you are able to keep yourself open—like a receiving tower—you will be able to pick up on sensitive […]

Finding without Searching

Sometimes, when life gets challenging it is hard to remove yourself from it and calm yourself down. It is extremely hard to come to terms with what you are going through and also make a decision. It is already hard enough to be experiencing hardship and the responsibility of making […]

Make Decisions through a 3rd Person Perspective

Surprisingly enough, the “death” in tarot cards means only change. This is a reoccurring theme in the majority of spirituality. Death rarely means actual fatality. Death is the symbol for renewal, birth, and change. Death is seen as self-healing and an essential process (but not always) to the shedding of […]

How Spirituality changed how we think about Death